What To Bring/What Not To Bring

At the time of admission to your mental health treatment, please bring:

It is important that everyone maintain a safe/therapeutic environment at UBC. To keep the unit safe, we have very strict rules on personal items. Bringing valuable items to the Unit is strongly discouraged. UBC will NOT assume responsibility for any items lost or damaged.

  • Please do not bring onto UBC property any potentially harmful contraband (see list below).
  • All items brought to the facility will be inventoried upon arrival. Items that are kept by clients are no longer considered the responsibility of UBC.
  • Upon entering, the patients and their belongings will be searched by staff for potential contraband. Staff will also complete a “wand” search for sharp objects.
  • Staff will complete an inventory sheet of all personal belongs brought into the facility.
    Any items that are not permitted will be returned to the family, locked in a “storage area” or confiscated and surrendered according to UBC hospital policy.
  • While inpatient at University Behavioral Center, your area may be subject to search with you present if there are concerns about the overall safety and care of the environment.
  • Please wear shoes or slippers at all times.
  • Visitors will NOT be able to bring any personal items into the Visitation area.
  • NO Cell Phones or Cameras are allowed inside the locked facility by patients or guests.

Personal Belongings & Contraband: You are encouraged to send all valuables and money home. If you choose to keep them then University Behavioral Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. You may request that your valuables be locked in the safe. Items will be logged on a belongings sheet and signed out upon discharge. University Behavioral Center does not assume responsibility for any clothes, jewelry or personal items such as dentures, eyeglasses/contacts, hearing devices or other valuables that are kept by an individual. Please ask for assistance if you need help locating your belongings. However, University Behavioral Center will not replace any lost items.



Items Allowed at Time of Admission:
*All clothing must be washed prior to patient use as a component of infection control.

  • No more than two (2) changes of clothing. A washing machine and dryer are available on the unit in order to keep clothes clean and fresh
  • One (1) pair of shoes – NO LACES (recommend Velcro shoes)
  • A few photos are permitted; however, staff will determine if the photos are appropriate
  • Patients must sleep in pajamas or other appropriate attire and are only to worn in the room.
  • Comfortable clothing that covers the entire body is recommended
  • Approved reading material is allowed – staff will determine if it is appropriate

Disallowed Clothing Items
*All clothing must be washed prior to patient use as a component of infection control.

  • Clothing with sexually inappropriate material or obscene phrases/gestures
  • Clothing advertising drugs or alcohol
  • Clothing deemed sexually provocative, ripped or torn clothing
  • Tank-tops or spaghetti strap shirts
  • Low cut shirts
  • Shorts, short skirts, or dresses that don’t go past your finger tips
  • Spandex or leggings
  • Pants that are too big and will fall off
  • Clothing that exposes undergarments
  • Underwire bras; sport bras recommended
  • Clothing with any strings
  • Belts
  • Shoe laces
  • Inappropriate footwear (heels, steel toe boots, etc.)
  • Hats or any unapproved headwear
  • Headbands, hair clips or hair ties with metal bands
  • Scarves, towels, or blankets can be worn
  • Jewelry (except wedding bands), or piercings (spacers should be used; special order by doctor is required for special piercings).
  • Staff may ask you to change your clothes if you need assistance with these guidelines.

Personal Hygiene Items: For your safety and the safety of others, UBC provides all hygiene items such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, combs, shampoo, soap, etc. as well as pillows, sheets, blankets, towels and linens. Any special lotions must be prescribed by the physician. All personal grooming items will be stored in hygiene baskets which are accessed at prescribed times, please see your unit schedule. All shaving will be directly supervised and completed with an electric razor or depilatory cream. Any use of electrical appliances or hygiene products must be prescribed by the physician supervised by staff. All personal soiled linen will be stored in a plastic tote until laundered. If you have a question about the appropriateness about an item you would like to use during your stay at UBC feel free to ask.

Money: Patients are not permitted to have money at any time on the unit.