“I am writing to tell you how wonderful and how absolutely amazing the UBC staff are!  I was having severe withdrawals the other night.  I could not sleep even after taking Ambien and when I could glean a half hour of sleep I had terrifying visions of my family.  The nurses helped me through a horrifying night by constantly talking with me and helping me feel better.”

“The staff have been phenomenal. They go beyond expectation each and every time I interact with them.  They are well informed about the process.  They never generalize their responses to my repeated questions.  It is comforting to see people who are truly compassionate.”

“This is to recognize the UBC staff…they are very competent and caring.  They go above and beyond and actually seem to care.  They deserves recognition”

“Thanks for all you do. You have helped so many people like me.”

“I am thankful for your warmth when I arrived to treatment, it felt really scary but your attitudes and actions helped calm my nerves. Thank you for listening to my questions, getting me coffee, opening doors, and helping me when I was frustrated.”

“You gave me skills to make sure my kids have their dad and my wife has a husband.”

“My life is forever changed and I am happy I came here”